Welcome to Coolum Football Club

During registration you’ll be asked to select a Payment option:

  1. Pay Manually at Club – Avoid a credit card surcharge and pay (card or cash) at the club. See the office hours on front page. You must pay in full before you can join your team.
  2. Pay online – Your registration is complete, contact the office for grading/team selection times.
  3. Vouchers: Bring the voucher to the club and arrange payment.

new player

  • Get yourself an FFA Number HERE
  • Your FFA Number will be emailed to the address you entered into the online form.  Once you have that email (with FFA number and password), you can proceed to register HERE

returning player

  • Login using your FFA Number and password HERE (if you do not know either, you can obtain them on the link provided.)

Thank You for joining Coolum Football Club


2016 Season Age Criteria and Registration Packages

Team Year of Birth Registration
Under 6  2010/2011  $250.00
Under 7  2009  $250.00
Under 8  2008  $260.00
Under 9  2007  $260.00
Under 10  2006  $310.00
Under 11  2005  $310.00
Under 12  2004  $340.00
Under 13  2003  $340.00
Under 14  2002  $340.00
Under 15  2001  $340.00
16 Girls  2000  $340.00
Under 17  1999  $340.00
Seniors  2000 + $470.00


$25 for each junior player
$35 for each senior player

Included in your registration is a volunteer levy which will be refunded after 2 hours of logged volunteer work at the club. Please consider how you can assist the club.

For further enquiries, please email office@coolumfc.com