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Welcome to our Working Bee Work page, which will list what jobs, fixes, etc we need done at our club.
This is volunteer work, not paid work, unless the job size requires so, which can be discussed if necessary.

Feel free to browse this list and if you can help and complete one, please contact us at the office ASAP !!
It would be greatly appreciated 😉

Our club survives because of our awesome members and supporters who volunteer their services, so thank you!

1. Electrical Work.
2. Roofing over canteen has holes, sheets needing replacing.
3. Ceiling and wall fixes, small holes to be patched up.
4. Fence palings along Field 1 need replacing and painting.
5. Painting over or removing graffiti
6. Reorganising gear, merch, garage/tools/supplies, kitchen supplies etc
7. Painting of grandstand, fence palings, clubhouse etc needing fixing up / upgrading
8. new Benches to be built for extra seating around canteen / club
9. Big container near entrance to be moved to back of fields
10. Rubbish dumped
11. Old sponsor signs to be taken down
12. Plastic junior goals requiring fixes
13. More coming.. TBA

Major Works – (needing sponsors on board or grants funded)
1. Fence behind Field 1 goal needing repairs
2. Steel bracing under grandstand roof needing repairs/replacing
3. New Mikey Bruce shed to be rebuilt in center of fields.
4. Fence around NW corner to be finished off around to close off fields