2017 is here!

2017 – Our plan is big!
Here is our prospectus for everything you need to know about Coolum FC and what’s in store for the upcoming 2017 season!

Our club has a rich history of local, loyal, community driven members who have worn the claret & blue and the town, on their sleeves and in their hearts with the ultimate pride & passion.
2017 we will endeavour to return our club to these ways, where everyone feels passionate about being part of Coolum FC.
It comes down to a culture change, as all clubs go through. To be a part of Coolum FC, means ‘to be a part’ of Coolum FC. To be involved, be passionate, to volunteer, be an active supporter, take up a role within the club, but mostly feel that pride and passion in being part of this family orientated club.

In 2017, Coolum FC will be focusing on 3 key aspects, Development, Opportunity & Enjoyment.
Ultimately success will follow, but only when these 3 are working at the highest level.
To do this, the club will be raising standards across the board, ranging from broadening and building on the current committees and roles within the club.
Coaches & coaching standards, expectations, accountability and responsibilities.
Player expectations & attitudes, communication & information and a new club academy for junior development.
The greater the team, the greater the function.
Also, the big part of ‘opportunity’ is giving all players a chance to progress up divisions if they wish or have earned it. We wish to be a club that helps players progress, rather than simply stay in divisions they become too strong for.

As season 2016 has ended, 2017 is already underway.

Recently the Sunshine Coast Federation removed the need for the junior JCL as a grading format, and in turn, asked clubs to start early by running trials for each division 1 side.
At Coolum FC we ran a 2 month coaching application process to help us select the right people to take Coolum forward in 2017.

We recently conducted our junior competitive team trials, (u12 to u17) which were brought back in to replace 2016’s JCL grading tournament system. As the weather disrupted our 2nd week of trials, we concluded that due to numbers per division and seeing Coolum FC isn’t about turning away players, we will move straight into squad trainings until team nominations in January.
This will give our young players more time to find their feet and those who wish to push for division 1 teams, more opportunity to make selection.
IF a div 2 team is needed for any divisions that we get too many sign up, then sides will be decided after all players have had equal opportunity to perform at a number of pre-season trainings and training games.
In 2017, all junior competitive sides will train 5:00pm to 6:30pm

(u6 to 11)
 A big muster day will happen in January. This is where we will get all the kids together to form teams again for nomination. Most kids will opt to stay together as they step up a division. Also new players will be welcome to join teams, or form new teams.
Plus, we require parents on that day to volunteer for coaching positions, if a new or returning team needs it. As a club, we will support you and provide you with all the necessary tools and knowledge to be a great coach for our youngsters.
In 2017, all junior non competitive sides will train 3:30pm/4:00pm to 5:00pm

Mens premier/reserve squad has commenced trainings on Tuesday nights. A new 3 round schedule has been majority voted in by the SCF clubs, meaning the senior mens comp is now 27 games and starting Feb 18th 2017.
Womens are underway also gathering numbers for 3rd division and a return to reserve grade!
Over 35s have started some occasional trainings.
3rd & 4th Div stay tuned.
Be sure to contact coaches on team pages for further information.
In 2017, all senior competitive sides will train 6:30pm to 8:00pm

As we are opting to go into squad trainings instead of further trials, this will better help us govern div 1 and div 2 standard players into the right teams for their development. This is however, not the be all & end all. Players have every opportunity during the season to move up divisions if they progress well, and even move down, if they need time to build confidence in their skills and game. This way every division acts as football club should and gives as much opportunity to those who strive for more.
Every coach within the club will be working closer together this season to ensure this process happens, so we can develop the best players possible at Coolum FC !

Coolum FC encourages anyone wanting to come along, whether new, or returning, to come be a part of our club!
We are still looking for more Girls to join! Especially our new u12 div and to bolster our u14 and u16!

Will be going online soon. We will be taking registrations as soon as the pricing is announced. Plus, a full break down of what your registration goes to will be available. All we can say for now, is rego we will be going down, in an effort to help more people play for our wonderful club. In return we simply ask more members to get involved to help with fundraising efforts and sponsorships, so we can afford to give every player everything they need to have a great season.

At this point in time, only up until xmas, teams are training just one night a week each, to get started, then back to 2 nights in January. The training schedule is as follows :
MONDAY – WOMENS – 6:30pm to 8:00pm
TUESDAY – BOYS U17 & u14/15s – 5:00pm to 6:30pm  /  SENIOR MEN – 6:30pm to 8:00pm
WEDNESDAY – GIRLS (u12s/14s/16s) – 5:00pm to 6:30pm
SUNDAY – u12s/13s – 4:00pm to 5:30pm
(Stay tuned to our club website & facebook for other divs starting soon.)
OR for further information from coaches, feel free to go to the TEAMS tab on our website, under junior or senior, to find the team and contact details you desire.

Players are always expected to improve as they step up, but now on a whole club level, to achieve success, all standards from the top down are undergoing major improvement. To see change, we must make necessary changes to improve.
New Club, Team, Player, Parent & Supporter CODES will be written and displayed online to outline a basic version of how the club wants to represent itself and be represented by all who call themselves Coolum FC.
Also, information will be coming more clearer & more frequently via Email, Website and Facebook to ensure all members stay up to date!
New and returning coaches selected for season 2017 are/have being chosen based on new standards / guidelines.
All coaches are to hold coaching certificates to the highest level necessary for their role, but also will be attending further courses during the season to improve their knowledge to become better coaches.
All coaches will be attending monthly coaches meetings to seek advice, update the club on season progress and gain further knowledge from senior coaching staff.
Our club technical director will also be overseeing occasional trainings and games to ensure our coaches are meeting the club’s new 3 key aspects in player development and delivery, in both trainings and sessions, in a manner and style based on the club’s new standards.
Every0ne will now be accountable and responsible for their role and outcomes at this club.

After a recent coaching application period, we have selected some new and returning  div 1 coaches for season 2017, with a few still up for consideration.
A 2nd Round of Coach Applications :
As this is the first time in years (other than senior mens) a season is being organised this early, we will be reopening coaching applications for a 2nd round up until the end of January, as we wish to continue our search for more coaches of the highest standard for our competitive teams.

Divisions still under consideration :
u12 Boys, u14 boys, u14 girls, 3rd division mens

IF you wish to apply if you haven’t already, feel free to email : office@coolumfc.com for an application.

2016 COACHES : Thank you !
We’d also like to thank ALL 2016 coaches for their efforts at Coolum FC for season 2016.
Whether you reapplied or not, we thank you for being part of Coolum this season and hope you continue to, whether coaching or not.



Please go to the TEAMS tab in the menu, either Senior or Junior tab, then click on the division of which coach you wish to contact.

For any further information on the club, the 2017 season, volunteer roles, sponsorship and more, feel free to email the club at : office@coolumfc.com or the club president on president@coolumfc.com

We look forward to seeing everyone part of the Claret & Blue for 2017 !